Survival Operations deals with preparation & operational security in these threatening times.

Our Purpose is to assist, educate and prepare our friends, families and teams for the expected unexpected events that threaten our very way of life. We must understand the threats and assess the risks then implement the plans and actions necessary for us to survive.

We acknowledge there are few perfect answers to these complicated issues; therefore we propose to provide you with threat analysis and the methodology to prepare, to act and respond. We are collectively experienced, educated and strong minded.

Our editorial board is younger and older, tradesmen and scholars, military and civilian. We work hard, we play games, we raise hell and listen to good music. We like guns, knives, toys and more. We work together and we fight like hell. We live in the cities and suburban areas along the east coast and in the northwest mountains.

We watch:

We like ‘Call of Duty’ and know the difference from a video game and real life. We love, we cry, we dream, we have nightmares.

We have made it a particular point to embrace all the members of our staff and their families to insure we include all ages into our team. We will offer you the strength of young men and women and the experience of the older gang. We are all computer smart, PC and Mac guys and we go nowhere without our music and ‘facebook’. Find us there if it interests you.

But one thing is certain, we are all a good shots and skilled at something!

We realize there is no perfect answer or absolute list of everything you may need for every encounter. Therefore, throughout this website we continually provoke you to think. We will outline the risks and how they may impact our lives then outline potential questions and scenarios. We together formulate alternative solutions, thoughtful operational guides and comprehensive solutions that you can evaluate to suit your life and survival operations.

We will not tell you what to do. We will challenge you to think for yourself and give you the mental and organizational tools to manage the risks and plan to survive. Only you will know what is best for you in a crisis situation, however, we believe if you think through the issues and examine the options, given the right training, you will make the best choice and survive the worst of times.

In the course of our writings we use some of our own definitions and protocols that are military in nature but are intended for civilian use. These are not intended to be precisely how an organized military unit might prepare for a ‘mission’ or prepare an Op Order, but rather a common sense approach to topics.

For the record several of the editors of Survival Operations are former US Military officers. Their training and experience is demonstrative but Survival Operations is not a military organization and we are not preparing you to be a ‘soldier’. But good preparation, thoughtful intelligence and decisive action represents a good example for all of us.

Survival Operations provides you with the training and guidance to succeed in the difficult times ahead whether it is a natural disaster or a terrorist event. We are continually updating this website with contemporary information and the life experience of our readers. We offer field manuals and encourage you to retain our information for times when the grid is down or when technology leaves us wanting.

We are not:

We are not doctors, lawyers or financial advisors. Please use our information coupled with your intelligence and ask for professional guidance when necessary.

Together, we will help you and your family prepare and fight to survive.

We may be impacted by many potential threats:
1. Economic Collapse
2. Terrorism
3. CNBC event
4. Cyber terrorism
5. Pandemic
6. Natural disaster
7. Power grid down
8. Loss of government controls

Consider the risks associated with these threats:

1. Closed banks, no money or credit
2. Terrorist attack
3. Nuclear contamination
4. Biological contamination
5. Loss of internet
6. Limited logistical support
7. Influenza pandemic
8. Power outages
9. Civil disturbances
10. Loss of food and basic supplies
11. Loss of Government services
12. No law enforcement
13. No emergency services
14. Earthquakes
15. Hurricanes
16. Floods
17. Wildfires
18. Tornadoes

We deal in depth on each of these subjects and how to prepare for them; how to get organized, to plan, to fight and to survive.

Be prepared, be ready, be smart

We are not fond of lists but we believe in preparation, good organization and strong action. Therefore, we ask you to join us in this adventure for our very survival. We will share with you our experience and knowledge to give you the opportunity to succeed, to survive.

We do have some principles:

1. Protect your family and friends
2. Be smart, be wise, do the ‘right’ thing
3. Make thoughtful decisions that reflect the ever changing situation
4. Implement your plan with confidence, commitment, aggressive action
5. Leadership is a learned and practiced art
6. Plan, prepare, practice, practice, practice
7. There are few moral absolutes
8. Buy more ammunition

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Survival Operations

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