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The Survival Operations Editorial Staff represents a cadre of subject matter experts with military and civilian experience. They are educated, trained and living the survival lifestyle. By design they live throughout the US; from northeast city dwellers, southeast beach comers, to enjoying the northwest Rockies. We have good men and smart women of all ages. We have taken a particular interest in including several young members who bring an exciting perspective and military experience. They have grown up with technology and are competitive in sports, video games and have their own survival perspectives.

It is the spirit of our young staff coupled with our combined field experiences that make our perspectives, suggestions and SOP credible and valuable in this age of modernity. Each member has led a fascinating and diverse life. They are all excellent marksman and individually skilled in many aspects of Survival Operations.

The Editor in Chief is the founder of the Survival Operations site. He represents the level of competence, experience and leadership that holds our team together.

Editor in Chief

Ron Garmin – Call sign – SO6

Ron is a Renaissance man with a keen understanding of science, art and the human spirit. He is an engineer, a lover of the arts and a man for all seasons and reasons. As a Regular Army Officer he held command positions and staff responsibilities in Intelligence and Operations. He has trained as an Airborne Ranger and taught CBR, military engineering, leadership, tactics, multiple weapons systems, explosives and demolition. He held Top Secret, Crypto clearances for US and NATO commands.

Ron has a degree in Civil Engineering and Military Science. Upon leaving the military he has been self employed as an author, engineer, builder and consultant in many facets of construction and security to large and diverse firms throughout the United States. He has served on many boards and chaired many organizations.

Ron has been married for more than 30 years and has two children. He has lived in the northeast, southeast and northwest. He has been charitable and giving of his time and money to support many causes; without enumerating, let it be said he supports our military in particularly the Wounded Warrior Project.

Based upon his life’s experiences he offers a unique perspective into Survival Operations as a military man, civilian, an urban dweller and a back country scout. He has considerable technical knowledge and practical field experience. He is a good shot. He has duly earned his position as our Editor in Chief.


In addition to our Editorial Staff we take great pride in having a group of subject matter experts that assist us with perspective and guidance.

As a matter of our Survival Operations we each enjoy a level of anonymity. We maintain our privacy; our home addresses, survival preparations and personal relationships remain closely held. We appreciate your understanding.

Notice & Disclaimer

The Survival Operations team offers opinions. The information contained herein is intended as a guide for those interested in survival. We share our life’s experiences and from there have developed our opinions, suggestions and goals.

Each reader is welcome to our information; take it in the spirit in which it is given. Use your experiences coupled with your skills and establish your own basic ideology and goals. One of the principles you will find woven throughout our site is that you are your own master and should make you own plans, establish your own Survival Operations Procedures SOP and then implement them as best suit you.

The information presented on this site represents our opinions; you may find it unconventional and at times unreasonable. We offer our opinions and advise as a matter of free speech; this is our right and you have every right to take it or ignore it. You should do what is best for you, your family and survival.

For the Record:

We are not lawyers:
We do not offer any professional legal advice. Life today is very complex with many laws and many prosecutors. Be mindful and seek legal counsel on any related topic.

We are not doctors:
We do not offer any medical advice. Medicine is an ever changing field and each of us may require a professional diagnosis before any medical advice can be offered.

We are not financial or investment advisors:

We do not offer any financial advice. Tax law, investment goals vary with each individual and change often.

In all these and related matters seek professional advice. In fact, we recommend you seek multiple opinions and weigh the pros and cons before taking any action that may put you at risk.

Letters, Publishing and Distribution

Survival Operations accepts email and communications from our readers. We encourage our readers to provide articles and essays that you think will provide additional information and different perspectives to our readers.

All authors of letters, essays, articles or photos grant the right for posting, reproduction, or any other use to our editors. All writings must be original works and the copyright will become the property of Survival Operations LLC.

We ask that your articles, essays and letters be interesting, provocative; try to keep them less than 1000 words. Please use good English and cite examples whenever possible; we reserve the right to edit if necessary to maintain proper content without distortion of the writings. All sources of this information will be kept in confidence; you may provide initials or a unique name. You deserve credit and we will acknowledge your effort and experience.

Distribution Policy

Survival Operations offers a wealth of information, guides, SOP and recommendations. You are free to take them or leave them. If you take them, feel free to distribute them but please give us credit for the content. Our work effort is copyrighted and we require full attribution; www.SurvivalOperations.com URL.

You are welcome to provide links to our work effort on your sites, email or digital communications; however, we reserve the right to the ownership of all our information and if, in our sole discretion, you link our work to an offensive site we will demand that it be removed. We reserve all rights afforded us under the law.

Survival Operations deals with preparation & operational security in these threatening times.

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